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Kunstbende over: “Solden”

kb2008-logo.jpg Kunstbende is de wedstrijd in Kunst voor iedereen tussen 13 en 19 jaar. Op zaterdag 8 maart strijden zij in de KVS strijden voor eeuwige roem in één of meerdere van de acht categorieën (txt, txt on stage, performance, dans, muziek, ontwerpen, fotografie en video). 

Laura (16j, deelneemster in de categorie TXT) baseerde zich voor dit gedicht op ‘Solden’.

Baby feels like having some attention
But why isn’t anyone listening?
You haven’t checked the mirror this morning, now have you?
The inside came out
and now you’re not in fashion anymore
What a pitty
You’re a mess
Thoughts flashing
Your heart tearing apart inside your chest
Your life was in fashion
You pass an ugly old window
Just look at your reflection
Your friends feel no compassion
“Sugar, you look like hell.”
Head starts to feel swell
This is NOT going well
Let’s go shopping

Now why are all the shops closed?
Sitting alone
Come, let’s go home
Up to your room
Look in the mirror
Oh honey, it’s FASHION TERROR